Duolingo English Test Course

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Duolingo English Test Course

Duolingo English Test Course

Duolingo English Test Course is the first and the best course which has ever been made for Duolingo applicants. Due to the fact that the Duolingo Test does not have a specific source, we have collected questions from the actual Duolingo tests so that the best and most reliable source for your study is available. If you study this course, there is a very high probability that a large number of the same questions will be repeated for you in the test you take. In addition to the questions, each section in the form of a video has a professional training that eliminates the need for you to go to class.

An INTRODUCTION to Duolingo English Test Course

Duolingo English Test Course

Duolingo English Test Course includes:

1_  You become familiar with different parts of Duolingo English Test and registration process and other items such as test requirements and sending the result and …

2_ Teaching different parts in video format (writing, speaking, image description, etc.)

3_ A large set of questions with high quality answers according to the following examples

This Duolingo English Test Course includes the following sections, and below you can see the number of different questions for each part.

1_ dictation

Sample dictation: Click

Dictations are all typed and answered. The number of dictations is 200 samples.


Sample REAL WORDS: Click

There are 182 samples with answers.



Centuries of careful selection and breeding have had enormous effects on the characteristics of crop plants.

158 examples have all pronunciations by professor Karami.


Audio files have script text and their number is 214 samples.

This has also been a topic of much debate among moral and political philosophers.

5_ SPEAKING Questions in the sections of Cue Card and Speaking Interview

Sample cue card: Click

The number of questions in this section is 116, of which the speaking interview questions are in 2 topics, and the Cue Card questions have answers.

Duolingo English Test Course

6_ 50 word writing questions and interview writing

Sample: Click.

The number of samples in this section is 104. The speaking questions of the interview are in 2 topics and the 50-word writing questions have answers.


Sample Describe Image: Click.

The text photo description section has 80 photos, all of which have answers.

8_ Verbal description of the image

Example describe image speaking: click.

The number of images in this section is 21, which are repeated in many different tests, so there are not many of them and they have answers.

9_ 3-second images are images with English words that have been presented in the tests.

Sample 3-second images: Click.

There are 174 pictures in full with the English word and their pronunciation.

10_ Audio questions

Question Text:

Sample Audio Question: Click.

Audio files have script text and their number is 71 questions with audio file. All questions have answers.

Duolingo English Test Course


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